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The “DCS” (Double-Cross Small) is designed for use with bipods in the 9-13” range. It allows for a functional or working range of approximately 4-11.5”. This is the smallest of the double-cross series, and only weighs 11 ounces. The DCS has more range of motion that the Big Buddy, and works equally well with the 6-9” bipods.

The DCS works great at the range, or in the field. The soft Velcro top will not scratch or mar your guns stock, and allows for a surface that can easily slide for micro adjustments. The soft velcro also allows the rifle to recoil naturally and slide back. Thus, there is no point of impact shift, and the group size will not be affected.

The locking handle allows for tension adjustment, and can completely lock the bipod into any position. This is especially handy for repeated shots at stationary targets, or for use as very steady shooting sticks. The handle is also adjustable into 20 different positions for added comfort and usability. The rubber feet protect the finish, and provide traction and stability.

The DCS works great in all terrains including sidehills, and allows the gun to be easily leveled. This excellent, inexpensive tool will increase your effective shooting range and accuracy. The versatility, easy field use, and function are unmatched by anything else.

Since all bipods and stocks vary, it is recommended to measure your stock height from a level position with your bipod in minimum and maximum extensions. See the video for more detail on measuring and fitting.



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