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Interntional Shipping - Smaller Items

Several of our products fit into a Priority Mail flat rate box. These items include the Lil’ Buddy, Big Buddy, and the DCS. In addition, the Harris SBRM and SLM will fit. The box is large enough to hold: (3-4 Bipod Buddys), (2 Harris Bipods), (1 Harris Bipod + 1 DCS), or (1 Harris Bipod + 2 Lil’/Big Buddys). Pod locks are very small, and do not affect these totals, so add as many as you want. The additional $35.00 charge below must be added once to orders outside the United States.

Interntional Shipping - Larger Items


The Harris S25 and our Bipod Buddy DCL will NOT fit in the smaller box. If you are interested in these larger products the shipping costs are higher. This larger box will hold many items and the $45 will cover any quantities you would like. If ordering any of these larger items, include this $45 charge into the shopping cart once. Do not include the $35 charge.

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If you have any questions, or would like a custom shipping quote, please feel free to send us an email.


Canada Shipping

Shipping to Canada is slightly less than overseas shipping, and Canadian residents should use these additional shipping charges. Please follow the same rules for box sizes as stated above, in relation to the type and number of items, when selecting the appropriate shipping charge.

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Smaller Items

Larger Items

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