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Mule Deer Buck Hunt in Montana
Mule Deer buck shot at 711 yards using a Bipod Buddy
858 Yard Mule Deer Doe
15 year old shoots deer at 555 yards with Bipod Buddy
Big Antelope Buck at 760 Yards
Amazing shot on a deer at 1078 yards!
850 Yard Mule Deer
790 Yard Mule Deer
675 Yard Antelope
716 Yard Antelope
455 Yard Whitetail

608 Yard Whitetail Buck

12 Year Old Shoots First Deer With Bipod Buddy
Cow Elk Shot at 674 Yards in The Head
12 year old shoots his first elk at 465 yards
Mountain Goat Hunt in SW Montana
Precision High Shoulder Shot on a Buck at 290 Yards
2 Trophy Mule Deer Bucks taken in SE Montana
Antelope Buck shot at 365 yards